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Our Services

CASE CONNECT is committed to connecting medical and healthcare practitioners to provide quality services to the customers in Hong Kong and China.

Registered in Hong Kong, CASE CONNECT is a medical service company with our core business in contract administration and medical service provider management. Our clients span across Hong Kong and China, including insurers, customers of banks and corporations. We provide a full range of healthcare services, including medical service provider management for group and individual medical insurance plans, credit arrangement, direct billing and settlement.

Medical Network

Third Party Administrator for Insurance Products and Corporate Medical Services

For corporations wanting to look after both their local staff and staff that needs to travel across the border, CASE CONNECT provides a comprehensive range of care including medical services supported by an extensive medical network in Hong Kong and China, health screening and wellness services, plus medical advisory services and medical emergency repatriation when needed. CASE CONNECT focuses on providing flexible and innovative product solutions for our insurance and corporate partners, and provides a seamless customer experience from selection of service provided to booking, medical visits, referrals and further care arrangement via our customer portal. Customers can simply log in at our customer login section.

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