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About Us


Our Services

CASE CONNECT is committed to connecting medical and healthcare practitioners to provide quality services to the customers in Hong Kong and China.

Registered in Hong Kong, CASE CONNECT is a medical service company with our core business in contract administration and medical service provider management. Our clients span across Hong Kong and China, including insurers, customers of banks and corporations. We provide a full range of healthcare services, including medical service provider management for group and individual medical insurance plans, credit arrangement, direct billing and settlement.

Connecting Practitioners

At CASE CONNECT, we believe in leveraging technology to connect our customers with our medical professionals, and we are constantly exploring new models of provider administration and payment platforms to enhance both the customer experience as well as the provider experience. We are constantly expanding our cross regional healthcare service network, with over 400 centres covering areas in Hong Kong, China and other regions, so that customers can enjoy a seamless network of care wherever they go. Through insurance companies and brokers, we also provide corporations with a choice of various healthcare programs, including health check, vaccinations, health talks and other related events.


Our Management

The management team at CASE CONNECT comprises multidisciplinary medical professionals, with diverse and extensive experience in health services administration, clinical practice, and contract healthcare service networks, and the team is well connected with a vast number of key medical organizations in Hong Kong and China. Our medical network management team has solid experience in collaborations at the local and regional levels.

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